Manual Napa: The Story of an American Eden

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In the balance hang fortunes and personal relationships made through hard work and, in too many cases, manipulation of laws, people, and institutions. Inherent in that conviction is the sanctity of the place, threatened now by a relentless drive for profits at the expense of land, water, and even life.

Hailed as the definitive Napa writer, Conaway has spent decades covering the region. Napa at Last Light showcases the greed, enviable profits, legacy, and tradition that still collide in this compelling story.

The area is still full of dreamers, but of opposing sorts: those longing for a harmonious society based upon the vine envisioned by Thomas Jefferson more than two hundred years ago, and self-styled overlords yearning for wealth and the special acclaim only fine wine can bring. Bets are still out on what the future holds. Skip to main content.

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Event address:. This is the story of Gallos and Mondavis, of fortunes made and lost, of dynasties and destinies. In this delightful, full-bodied social history, James Conaway charts the rise of a new aristocracy and, in so doing, chronicles the collective ripening of the American dream.


James Conaway wraps up Napa wine trilogy

More than a wine book, Napa is a must-read for anyone interested in our country's obsession with money, land, power, and prestige. Visiting wine country? Skip to main content.

You are here Home. With an almost biblical or Shakespearean flair, the Mondavi family story of the last years is one of passion, pettiness, family squabbling, wild success, dramatic failure, and of course, wine.

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