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My own work in philosophy has mostly dealt with Native American political issues. My undergraduate thesis was on colonialism in the United States.

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I argued that the United States is colonizing tribal nations, that this is unjust and that the solution is decolonization. My career has been varied.

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At UNF, the program I studied at specifically dealt with new and emerging problems that businesses, policy makers, health care workers and more! The program allowed me to gain competence in assessing and dealing with new philosophical problems people encounter, such as those dealing with AI. My aim is to build this business, to bring philosophy to people outside of academia and to employ philosophers for an entirely philosopher owned and operated business! How does your philosophical training and formation help you in your current career? But, even more so, because I have an illness and am trying to run a business, I find the philosophy of Stoicism to be incredibly helpful.

I often feel, these days, close to a Sage.

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Taking the journey, bumps and all. Sandrandan Jewelry: Eccentrically gorgeous jewelry; we may become your new addiction! It just encourages her. Tinplate Studios: Your one stop shop for all your Cabinet of Curiosity needs. Probably NSFW. Heather Mosko: Sharing the weird and crafty I find along the way as I research and write my next mystery.

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And more I literally had to throw away the toaster after this. I want to live here. September 5, in book stores are magic , nowhere bookshop.

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Vergernia September 4, in Random Crap. August 30, in International incidents. Bonus for creepy, weird, fun.

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Random stranger: I love your dress. All her old feelings came rushing back.

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